Have you attempted a hair transplant and found that the procedure made your hair loss worse than it was before? Even if you haven’t, the tragic story of several people seeking relief from their hair loss issues is that of a failed hair transplant. There is, however, good news. A reliable medical treatment exists to correct a botched hair transplant. Restoring hair transplants is a crucial aspect of Satya Hair Solutions business. Here, Satya Hair Solutions Dr. Shaiil Kumar Gupta outlines important details on the reasons behind bad hair transplant outcomes and how to address and repair hair transplant.

Fact of Bad Hair Transplant

Improper medical practices or inexperienced personnel are usually to blame for unsuccessful hair transplants. A bad hair transplant usually appears as a less thick and conventional-looking outcome compared to typical human hair. When a hair transplant fails, most patients see a noticeable difference between their hair and hair that looks natural, which makes other people aware that they had a transplant.

Why Does a Bad Hair Transplant Happen?

When something goes wrong with a hair transplant, doctors are usually held responsible. However, there are additional factors that contribute to poor surgical results, consequently, doctors are not the only cause of unsatisfactory hair transplants. 

These are the main five things that might go wrong with a hair transplant – 

Patient Post-Transplant Surgery Mistakes

Some hair transplants may be effective, but the effects eventually fade off because of patient error or disobedience to instructions. It would seem that the hair transplant procedures were a failure as a result. Typical post-transplant errors include exposing the transplanted hair to the sun or a steam room.

Unsuitable Environment for Transplant

Expecting that a hair transplant will be the ideal solution for every patient is unprofessional. Certain individuals suffer from hair disorders that make a successful transplant impossible. Consequently, any surgical procedure might go wrong. The donor region’s capability, the patient’s age, the area of the scalp that will be transplanted, and the patient’s history of hair loss are some factors to take into account.

Inadequate hair transplants can also be caused by other elements including noticeable scarring in the hair area, excessively forward-facing hairlines, and big hair plug grafts.

Hair Graft Extraction Errors

In other cases, excessive follicular unit extraction procedures and inadequate hair grafting techniques might lead to bad hair loss. Unbalanced hair extraction, careless grafting tool use, removing too many grafts from the on-ear area, and overharvesting of a donor area are a few of the most common graft errors.

Best Hair Restoration Techniques to Fix Bad Hair Transplant

Patients may repair their hair follicles and have better-looking, naturally occurring hair by using medically established hair restoration treatments like Follicular Unit Extraction and Direct Hair Restoration. 

Applying them involves following these steps:

Camouflage Procedure:

When transplant results are not undesirable, surgeons choose to use this technique. Using this technique, defective hair grafts are removed and replaced with single follicles.

Extraction Procedure: 

Graft extraction is another name for this method. Unnatural hair grafts must be removed, broken down into smaller follicular units, and then reimplanted at the right angles.

Combination Method: 

The combination treatment uses new donor hair and combines excision and camouflage techniques for reimplantation.

Scalp Micropigmentation: 

In the scalp micropigmentation, a bad hair transplant is covered up with a tattoo-style design that gives the scars the appearance of a low-cut haircut.

Concluding Remarks on Correcting Bad Hair Transplant

Patients may suffer unexpected outcomes from a bad hair transplant. That’s the reason you should only seek the advice of a trained expert when fixing a substandard transplant. As a top clinic in this area, Satya Hair Solutions is prepared to provide the expertise and knowledge required to help you get your hair back in shape. Get in touch with Satya Hair Solutions right now if you need top-notch transplant services.